Although iPhone app development on Windows is considered by an iPhone app developer to be impossible, there are a lot of software today that could help different programmers and users to accomplish it. As mobile application development is increasing rapidly, particularly with iPhone application development, it brings a revolution to the mobile field with plenty of features. Some of the features include call holding, phone conferencing, call merging and a whole lot more.

An iPhone app developer is aware that when developing an application for the device, the same app could not be run on other mobile devices like BlackBerry, Android and others.  Moreover, when attempting iPhone app development on Windows, there is programs that could compile and acquire codes the way that a Mac computer does. One of the programs is Flash CS5.5; it allows you to obtain a package for an Apple-based IOS which enables you to amass different apps on Microsoft. Here, one could effectively make games but with certain limitations, like not being able to run a paper vision engine and the game won’t be able to attain its maximum performance. Nevertheless, you could come up with enjoyable and decent games with this program.

Another program you can use for iPhone app development for Windows is the Airplay SDK. This is the perfect program if you want to build your own 2D and 3D apps or games. Before, it used to be available online to be downloaded for free. That is why a lot of independent programmers use this software before. Nonetheless, recently, it was rebranded and is no longer available for free. Having software for iPhone on Windows is a good choice for a lot of programmers. This could be a practical option for an iPhone app developer since you will no longer have to purchase a Mac to accomplish this.

DragonFireSDK also enables Windows users to make applications for the iPhone. This is made possible without buying a Mac. DragonFire software development kit costs $99.95 and once a project is completed, an App Bundle is prepared that runs on the iPhone and is ready to be submitted to the Apple Store. There is even an iPhone simulator that shows your application will run on the iPhone device before hitting the ‘Compile’ button. Appcelerator titanium is another program that is also very popular. However, it is limited to performance due to certain servers that help run it during its use.

With these programs and SDK’s, iPhone app development on Windows is not impossible anymore. Today, there are already tools that could handle Apple-based codes such as the Airplay SDK and Flash CS5.5. Furthermore, there are also a lot of tools out there guaranteed to help make the best marketable app for the iPhone.  There are several various programs where you could build apps for the iPhone which are available online. You could even download some of the programs with free trial to try it. If you use your time efficiently, some of the trial versions could be long enough to develop your application.
The dramatic increase of iPhone usage these days, the market is definitely growing at a rapid pace this lead to the increase in the demand for different iPhone applications. Application development however would not be possible without the help of an iPhone application developer. Nowadays, businesses are very interested in cornering maximum amount of profit on their business.

An iPhone application developer must be a thorough professional who could deliver results within a reasonable time or the time specified by a client. Find below some tips on how to find an effective iPhone developer.

1. It is of utmost importance that the developer has ample experience since this could help him convert different ideas into programming in less time. Moreover, the application developer should be conversant with the current trends and must have an idea of what is in demand to cater to the market in the best way possible.

2. The developer should have professionalism which is very important as well. This trait further makes the developer very popular among businesses and consumers alike. Typically they will clarify any matter that confuses them and would seek approval after completing each development stage before proceeding to the next.

3. The iPhone application developer should have in-depth knowledge of the SDK since this could be effectively used in designing useful and appealing mobile app by blending them with apps that are available in the Apple store. This blending could be achieved successfully depending on the developer’s level of knowledge of the SDK.

4. There are plenty of reputable iPhone app developers offering services in the market. Besides, they are also offering a lot more valuable programming services that could enhance iPhone apps.

All thorough professionals work closely with application buyers so as to integrate each other in ideas about the application so the resulting program should be in accordance with their own specifications. If an application buyer is satisfied with the end result, he or she could refer the app developer to other interested buyers as well. iPhone developers are the ones who shape and mold an iPhone application. Furthermore, there are also iPhone development companies that offer experienced mobile development on a hire basis to fulfill all mobile or iPhone development requirements and needs.

When hunting for an iPhone developer, make sure that he or she is estimating on the same functionality and business needs. A good practice would be to have a document ready to give the developer. This may be a simple bullet point list of a flowchart, functionality, RFQ/RFP and more. Looking and hiring an iPhone Application Developer could be time consuming if you do not have an idea of the basics. Because of this, you may want to make certain that you choose a reputable developer from the beginning. Moreover, you should look for one that will do the job promised for the price agreed.  There are a lot of effective iPhone developers you can choose from these days and most of them provide not just quality service but affordable service as well.
Many developers want to know if iPhone app development is easy or hard. For those interested, the iPhone course could be way outside their comfort zone. The process of developing iPhone is not as hard or as simple as you think. Nevertheless, as long as you are interested, you would be able to develop app that could take its place in the Apple Store. Below are steps in developing an application.

1. Think of creating a really interesting and unique application for the iPhone. This should be very attractive to users so it will have a better chance to make it to the Apple store.

2. iPhone app development is not possible without a Mac, thus you should get yourself one. This is necessary since the Apple product uses tools that are only available for Mac users. For you to get up to the Apple store, you will need a Mac eventually. You could purchase a Mac mini cheaply if you do not have one at your doorstep.

3. You should Register as a developer. This is very important if you want to work with Mac tools. Registration is free so you only have to give them information about yourself and agree to the terms and conditions.

4. Download SDK or software development kit for the iPhone. As soon as you become an official developer, you could download the SDK. The version you require will depend on the OS you run currently.

5. Download XCode if you don’t have it already. The XCode, according to apple is a full-featured, complete IDE created around a smooth workflow that incorporates editing of the source code, with build and compile steps through a graphical debugging experience. All of this you can have without having to leave the view of your source code. Again, this is a big download so patience is vital.

6. Develop your iPhone app with templates in the software development kit. As soon as you have the app drawn out, you could begin designing with the templates provided in the software development kit. This is the time when the download time is a great benefit. You can have plenty of templates to choose from and YouTube clip tutorials as well.

7. You must learn Objective-C for Cocoa. This is easy if you love programming languages. If you have no background on how to program, this is the part that could really get sticky, thus you might want to look for a programmer or hire someone. Moreover, information from a book is very beneficial.

8. Once you understand Objective-C’s basics or at least know how to find answers to programming queries, you are ready to begin your application. It is preferable to take screen shots as you move along. Some applications could take only a few hours while others may take months.

9. Test your application in the iPhone simulator. The software development kit comes with an attractive iPhone simulator. You need to load up your application and perform testing. Furthermore, you have to work out as much bugs as possible and consider all the ways that a user might use your app.

10. For better iPhone application development, it is preferable to get others to test your application. This way, others could determine what your app is all about and you could correct errors or bugs with your application.

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    When developing iPhone app development, you should learn about Objective C. This is easy if you love programming languages.  Your first step to a successful iPhone application development is to create a unique and attractive application. Make this very attractive for customers to purchase.


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