Although iPhone app development on Windows is considered by an iPhone app developer to be impossible, there are a lot of software today that could help different programmers and users to accomplish it. As mobile application development is increasing rapidly, particularly with iPhone application development, it brings a revolution to the mobile field with plenty of features. Some of the features include call holding, phone conferencing, call merging and a whole lot more.

An iPhone app developer is aware that when developing an application for the device, the same app could not be run on other mobile devices like BlackBerry, Android and others.  Moreover, when attempting iPhone app development on Windows, there is programs that could compile and acquire codes the way that a Mac computer does. One of the programs is Flash CS5.5; it allows you to obtain a package for an Apple-based IOS which enables you to amass different apps on Microsoft. Here, one could effectively make games but with certain limitations, like not being able to run a paper vision engine and the game won’t be able to attain its maximum performance. Nevertheless, you could come up with enjoyable and decent games with this program.

Another program you can use for iPhone app development for Windows is the Airplay SDK. This is the perfect program if you want to build your own 2D and 3D apps or games. Before, it used to be available online to be downloaded for free. That is why a lot of independent programmers use this software before. Nonetheless, recently, it was rebranded and is no longer available for free. Having software for iPhone on Windows is a good choice for a lot of programmers. This could be a practical option for an iPhone app developer since you will no longer have to purchase a Mac to accomplish this.

DragonFireSDK also enables Windows users to make applications for the iPhone. This is made possible without buying a Mac. DragonFire software development kit costs $99.95 and once a project is completed, an App Bundle is prepared that runs on the iPhone and is ready to be submitted to the Apple Store. There is even an iPhone simulator that shows your application will run on the iPhone device before hitting the ‘Compile’ button. Appcelerator titanium is another program that is also very popular. However, it is limited to performance due to certain servers that help run it during its use.

With these programs and SDK’s, iPhone app development on Windows is not impossible anymore. Today, there are already tools that could handle Apple-based codes such as the Airplay SDK and Flash CS5.5. Furthermore, there are also a lot of tools out there guaranteed to help make the best marketable app for the iPhone.  There are several various programs where you could build apps for the iPhone which are available online. You could even download some of the programs with free trial to try it. If you use your time efficiently, some of the trial versions could be long enough to develop your application.

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    When developing iPhone app development, you should learn about Objective C. This is easy if you love programming languages.  Your first step to a successful iPhone application development is to create a unique and attractive application. Make this very attractive for customers to purchase.


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