Many developers want to know if iPhone app development is easy or hard. For those interested, the iPhone course could be way outside their comfort zone. The process of developing iPhone is not as hard or as simple as you think. Nevertheless, as long as you are interested, you would be able to develop app that could take its place in the Apple Store. Below are steps in developing an application.

1. Think of creating a really interesting and unique application for the iPhone. This should be very attractive to users so it will have a better chance to make it to the Apple store.

2. iPhone app development is not possible without a Mac, thus you should get yourself one. This is necessary since the Apple product uses tools that are only available for Mac users. For you to get up to the Apple store, you will need a Mac eventually. You could purchase a Mac mini cheaply if you do not have one at your doorstep.

3. You should Register as a developer. This is very important if you want to work with Mac tools. Registration is free so you only have to give them information about yourself and agree to the terms and conditions.

4. Download SDK or software development kit for the iPhone. As soon as you become an official developer, you could download the SDK. The version you require will depend on the OS you run currently.

5. Download XCode if you don’t have it already. The XCode, according to apple is a full-featured, complete IDE created around a smooth workflow that incorporates editing of the source code, with build and compile steps through a graphical debugging experience. All of this you can have without having to leave the view of your source code. Again, this is a big download so patience is vital.

6. Develop your iPhone app with templates in the software development kit. As soon as you have the app drawn out, you could begin designing with the templates provided in the software development kit. This is the time when the download time is a great benefit. You can have plenty of templates to choose from and YouTube clip tutorials as well.

7. You must learn Objective-C for Cocoa. This is easy if you love programming languages. If you have no background on how to program, this is the part that could really get sticky, thus you might want to look for a programmer or hire someone. Moreover, information from a book is very beneficial.

8. Once you understand Objective-C’s basics or at least know how to find answers to programming queries, you are ready to begin your application. It is preferable to take screen shots as you move along. Some applications could take only a few hours while others may take months.

9. Test your application in the iPhone simulator. The software development kit comes with an attractive iPhone simulator. You need to load up your application and perform testing. Furthermore, you have to work out as much bugs as possible and consider all the ways that a user might use your app.

10. For better iPhone application development, it is preferable to get others to test your application. This way, others could determine what your app is all about and you could correct errors or bugs with your application.

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    When developing iPhone app development, you should learn about Objective C. This is easy if you love programming languages.  Your first step to a successful iPhone application development is to create a unique and attractive application. Make this very attractive for customers to purchase.


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